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Officers and Directors of the Rural Life Museum are elected in January of every even Year; there are three classes. Directors have a vote on all matters voted on at regular monthly meetings of the Rural Life Museum. There are also several non-voting "Advisors" and volunteers that regularly attend. All people that wish to attend the monthly meetings are welcome, and are given the chance to speak, but only the Directors may vote.


  • Charles Adams, President
  • Donald Brown, Vice President
  • Elizabeth Slaughter, Recording Secretary
  • Mary Ann Wood, Corresponding Secretary
  • Carol Lange, Curator
  • Paul Gunby, Treasurer
  • Herb Haschen, Director


  • Elizabeth Ferguson
  • William Kirby
  • Isaac Brooks

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(410) 476-3339, or (410) 822-5180, or (410) 476-4857


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